About Pierre – My Story

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My name is Pierre Zoetterman and I was born in Sweden in 1945. Welcome to my blog!

Ever since I was eight years old, I knew that I wanted to be a photographer. It was my father, John, who introduced me to the wonderful world of photography all those years ago.

I have always strived to complete the picture already in the camera. By that I mean to photograph so that no cropping is needed. I learned to do this early on in the days of analogue photography.

We were taught to do this since cropping the image meant you had less information from the negative to work with. A smaller piece of the negative meant poorer quality when you enlarged the image.

Today’s digital cameras allow the photographer to take an endless amount of photographs and then select a few and adjust in endless ways.

However, I still photograph the way I was taught a long time ago. I see the image in my mind’s eye before I raise the camera to take the finished photograph. I am still, today, learning how to refine this technique, and the older I get, the less photographs I need to take.

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