My thoughts on Imagery

This life is precious and I am fascinated by everything in it. Beauty is everywhere. All you have to do is open your eyes.

Urban thoughts

Our lives are formed by millions of small and large decisions made by us and also by others. A small decision can change the path of a life, many lives and even the world.

It is these small moments, frozen in time, where a decision is made, a thought completed, a path chosen, that I have tried to capture for the future.

My urban images always contain people; they may not be visible to the naked eye, but the echo of human life is present at all times.


Humanity has worked hard to distance itself from nature, yet nature is always there, here! Around us, in us, and ultimately will be there long after we are gone.

The sheer strength of survival, of being, is imprinted in every single cell of every living thing. This instinct to survive is not only strong but also beautiful. We are surrounded by the elements needed to survive, the sun, the air, the earth and water. We live in a kaleidoscope of unending beauty.

I want my images to stimulate the beholder’s imagination and contribute to each individual reliving their own personal memories. And to feel the power of life.

Wonderful women

I love women. All women. All ages, shapes, sizes, everything. Soft as silk yet hard as stone. Strong capable, intelligent, resourceful and the undisputable backbone and undervalued conscience of humanity.

I have always been interested in form and shape and I consider women to have the most beautiful forms. I started photographing women very early and with age and getting to know many women closer, I have also become more sensitive to how many, if not most, women feel bad about how they look.

I feel that all women are at their best when they are themselves. Anorexia, self-mutilation and low self-esteem are all expressions of a world that doesn’t value all these wonderful, competent, unique and irreplaceable women. I want to change that perception.


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